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General information

Field of study Digital communication
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Programme code W1-S1KC20.2020
Programme code (USOS) W1-S1KC20
Language of studies Polish
Academic year of entry 2020/2021 (winter term), 2021/2022 (winter term)
Level of qualifications/degree first-cycle studies
Degree profile general academic
Mode of study full-time
Number of semesters 6
Scientific or artistic disciplines to which the learning outcomes are related (and their percentage share in education)
  • linguistics (humanities) [leading discipline]: 51%
  • information and communication technology (engineering and technology): 38%
  • communication and media studies (social sciences): 5%
  • management and quality studies (social sciences): 2%
  • psychology (social sciences): 2%
  • security studies (social sciences): 2%
Degree licencjat (Bachelor's Degree)
Access to further studies the possibility of applying for the second-cycle studies and postgraduate studies
ISCED code 0618
The number and date of the Senate’s resolution 551 (21.04.2020)

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