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General description of the programme The field of biomedical engineering (BME) is part of bioengineering sciences. The main issues it covers are as follows: medical informatics, bioinformatics, medical imaging, image processing, telemedicine, physiological signal processing, biomechanics, biomaterials, 3D modelling and biomedical optics.
Connection between the field of study and university development strategy, including the university mission Second-cycle studies in the field of biomedical engineering are a significant contribution to the achievement of the strategic objective No. 2 (Innovative education and modern teaching and research offer at the world level) and No. 3 (Active cooperation of the University with the environment), which were included in the document "Strategy for the Development of the University of Silesia in Katowice for the years 2012-2020". According to this document, the priority of the University in the field of modern education is the creation of new, interdisciplinary inter-faculty and inter-university study programs, conducted jointly with the socio-economic environment of the University. The task of the University is to provide students with comprehensive education, without neglecting knowledge and specialist skills relevant to particular fields of study. Compliance with the superior strategy automatically completes the Faculty's strategy, in particular the objective of improving the fields of study realized at the Faculty. The creation of second-cycle studies falls within this activity as a continuation of first-cycle studies.
Organization of the process of obtaining a degree 1. Second-cycle students choose a master’s thesis supervisor at the beginning of the first semester of study. 2. Students prepare their thesis (master's thesis) in accordance with the "Regulations for the preparation of diploma theses in the field of biomedical engineering". 3. The diploma (master's degree) exam takes place in front of a board of examiners appointed by the Institute of Computer Science of the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science, consisting of a chairman and two members (thesis supervisor, thesis reviewer). 4. The conditions for admission to the thesis defense and diploma exam are as follows:   a. obtaining the required learning outcomes, including getting credits and passing exams from all modules as well as obtaining the required number of ECTS points envisaged in the study plan and educational program for the whole course of education for the second-cycle studies in biomedical engineering;    b. submitting, by the end of the last semester, a student record book with complete entries;    c. submitting copies of the diploma thesis and other documents (application, photos, etc.) in accordance with the current requirements for submitting theses at the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science;    d. obtaining positive marks from two reviews of the thesis (from the thesis supervisor and reviewer).

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