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Learning outcomes

Code of the learning outcome of the programme Learning outcomes
The graduate:
Codes of the second-order PRK characteristics to which the learning outcome of the programme is related
ZZL1_W01 Has general knowledge of selected scientific methods used in the social sciences and related to the degree programme 2018_P6S_WG
ZZL1_W02 Has basic knowledge about the nature of social sciences, their place in the system of science and relations to other sciences, related to the degree programme 2018_P6S_WG
ZZL1_W03 Has a basic knowledge of typical types of social structures and institutions, especially economic, legal and political. Understands the regularities governing the public, private and third sectors and the nature of the social ties that exist within them 2018_P6S_WG
ZZL1_W04 Has basic knowledge about norms and rules shaping the functioning of social institutions, organizations, groups and individuals in social systems and influencing changes within them developed on the grounds of social sciences and related fields of study 2018_P6S_WK
ZZL1_W05 Knows the types of social ties in the public, private and third sectors. Has knowledge about the human being as an entity responsible for creating organisations and knows the institutions (norms and rules) that govern them as a basic performer of tasks of these organisations 2018_P6S_WK
ZZL1_W06 Knows the basic doctrinal and systemic models and the path of evolution of social organisation and economy 2018_P6S_WG
ZZL1_W07 Knows and understands the conditions, methods and instruments of creating organisational structures and mechanisms of managing social organisations as well as the rules of functioning of these mechanisms. Knows the general principles for creating and developing forms of individual entrepreneurship 2018_P6S_WG
ZZL1_W08 Identifies organisational structures of selected social institutions and organisations, including enterprises, and human organisational behaviour 2018_P6S_WK
ZZL1_W09 Has knowledge of methods, techniques and tools for the acquisition, creation, analysis and protection of data, information and knowledge necessary for the functioning of social organisations. Identifies sources of data, information and knowledge necessary for the above processes 2018_P6S_WK
ZZL1_W10 Knows and understands the basic concepts and principles of intellectual property protection, including copyright and industrial property. Recognises the entities responsible for the creation of standards and the application of the law in this area. Understands the importance of these activities for the functioning of the organisation 2018_P6S_WK
ZZL1_W11 Has knowledge of the strategic and operational management of an organisation's social capacity. Understands the importance of an organisation's social capacity and its impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and on the value and social relevance of the organisation. 2018_P6S_WK
ZZL1_W12 Has knowledge of the processes of planning, shaping, developing and optimising the use of human resources in organisations of the three sectors. Knows and understands the issues of: personnel selection (recruitment and selection), motivation, development of competences, building individual careers in connection with the organisation's development path, control and employee evaluation, employee adaptation processes in the organisation as well as optimum staffing levels and change management. 2018_P6S_WG
ZZL1_W13 Has a general knowledge of selected scientific methods and is familiar with issues characteristic for the discipline of science unrelated to the field of study. 2018_P6S_WG
ZZL1_U01 Has the ability to formulate, analyse and solve problems related to the functioning of organisations, as well as individuals and groups within organisations, on the basis of acquired theoretical knowledge in the fields of science related to the degree programme 2018_P6S_UW
ZZL1_U02 Is able to carry out the tasks of the HR process and the management of optimal staffing levels and change management. 2018_P6S_UO
ZZL1_U03 Is able to actively manage the career and professional development path of individuals functioning within an organisation in accordance with its objectives and to provide personal guidance in building individual career paths of individuals through the life cycle. 2018_P6S_UO
ZZL1_U04 Has the ability to move independently in structures and to create innovative processes in social organisations, using knowledge gained during the studies and professional internship. 2018_P6S_UW
ZZL1_U05 Has the ability to apply for jobs in organisations in the three sectors. 2018_P6S_UK
ZZL1_U06 Can describe and analyse the causes, course and effects of selected social processes and phenomena. Is able to identify, acquire and analyse data, information and knowledge necessary to understand phenomena occurring in social organisations. Can analyse basic cause and effect relationships of a legal, economic, psychological, sociological and technical nature typical of social organisations. 2018_P6S_UW
ZZL1_U07 Can navigate in political, legal, economic and social environment, use institutions and widely understood offer of entities creating them for the benefit of public, economic and social activity and for individual needs. Is able to think and act in an entrepreneurial manner. 2018_P6S_UU
ZZL1_U08 Uses the instruments and application procedures concerning the protection of intellectual property for the proper functioning of the organisation and for his/her own professional and personal development 2018_P6S_UK
ZZL1_U09 Has written and oral linguistic skills necessary for professional and scientific work in the field of English according to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 2018_P6S_UU
ZZL1_U10 Has the ability to prepare scientific and applied texts on subjects specific to the fields of study and for the purposes of work and life tasks, in Polish and English, using basic theoretical approaches and a variety of sources. 2018_P6S_UK
ZZL1_U11 Has the ability to prepare scientific and practical oral statements on specific topics related to his/her field of study and on tasks performed in the workplace and in private life, in Polish and English, using basic theoretical approaches and a variety of sources 2018_P6S_UU
ZZL1_U12 Has the ability to pose and analyse problems on the basis of the acquired content from the discipline of science not related to the degree programme. 2018_P6S_UW
ZZL1_U13 has the ability to understand and create various types of written and oral texts requiring systemic knowledge of the language in its grammatical structures, lexics and phonetics. It communicates in a foreign language using different communication channels and techniques to the extent appropriate for the area of knowledge. 2018_P6S_UK
ZZL1_K01 Understands the need for an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems, integrating knowledge from different disciplines and practising self-education aimed at deepening the acquired knowledge 2018_P6S_KK
ZZL1_K02 Strives for continuous self-education to enhance knowledge and develop skills related to functioning in professional and private roles in a changing environment 2018_P6S_KR
ZZL1_K03 Is prepared to participate in human resource management and other technological and social processes that serve the proper functioning and development of organisations, taking into account ethical attitudes and the social responsibility of organisations. 2018_P6S_KR
ZZL1_K04 Demonstrates and promotes innovation, taking into account law-abiding, ethical attitudes and social sensitivity in the internal and external relations of the organisation and in the life of the individual 2018_P6S_KO
ZZL1_K05 Demonstrates entrepreneurship, is able to correctly determine priorities in order to achieve the goals and tasks of the organisation and the goals and tasks related to his/her own development. 2018_P6S_KR
ZZL1_K06 Is socially responsible, committed to the sustainable development of the organisation in terms of the challenges he/she faces and the tasks he/she undertakes, and to balancing professional commitment with life and personal development 2018_P6S_KO
ZZL1_K07 Is able to participate in the preparation of social projects (political, economic, civil), taking into account legal, economic and political aspects 2018_P6S_KK
ZZL1_K08 Has interpersonal competences and is able to cooperate and work in a group, assuming various roles in it. 2018_P6S_KK
ZZL1_K09 Is able to independently use knowledge, methods, tools and techniques for the functioning of the organisation 2018_P6S_KR

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