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Learning outcomes

Code of the learning outcome of the programme Learning outcomes
The graduate:
Codes of the learning outcomes of the areas of education to which the learning outcome of the programme is related
04-GEI-S1_W01 has knowledge of selected mathematical, physical, chemical, biological, geographical and environmental protection problems and is able to use them in order to broaden knowledge of different sections of geology; P1A_W03, P1A_W04, P1A_W06
04-GEI-S1_W02 has knowledge of basic notions within the scope of geology, geochemistry, hydrology, geophysics, soil mechanics, mining, drilling and exploitation techniques; InzA_W01, P1A_W04, P1A_W05
04-GEI-S1_W03 has knowledge of basic processes and phenomena taking place inside the Earth, litho-, hydro- and atmosphere and the processes taking place in that part of Earth's crust which cooperates with building structure; P1A_W01, P1A_W02, P1A_W08
04-GEI-S1_W04 while interpreting geological phenomena and processes, he/she makes use of empirical-based knowledge; P1A_W02
04-GEI-S1_W05 describes the circulation of the most important elements in universe, he/she indicates the conditions enabling their concentration in rocks, he/she has a knowledge of the Earth's history and is able to explain water circulation in nature; InzA_W01, P1A_W01, P1A_W05
04-GEI-S1_W06 has elementary knowledge of rock types and conditions of their formation, regional, geological structure, geochemistry, useful minerals and hydrogeological conditions; P1A_W08
04-GEI-S1_W07 has knowledge of basic research methods, techniques, tools, devices and materials applied in geology to recognize geological structure, tectonic structures, orogen state, deposits and water searching for and documenting and description of rock deposition environments; InzA_W02, P1A_W07
04-GEI-S1_W08 has knowledge of possibilities and limitations of the basic computational techniques and software supporting the geologist's work; P1A_W06
04-GEI-S1_W09 has knowledge of economic, environmental and social aspects of geological and mining activity, typical engineering technologies applied in geology and the risks resulted from them; InzA_W05, P1A_W04, P1A_W09
04-GEI-S1_W10 is familiar with elementary specialist literature on geology and environmental protection; he/she has knowledge of types of maps, cross-sections and the ways of their drawing and the methods of relief drawing and projection plane; P1A_W10
04-GEI-S1_W11 is familiar with social, economic and legal bases of functioning and management and the ways of rational resource management in geology and environmental protection; InzA_W03, InzA_W04, P1A_W11
04-GEI-S1_W12 has knowledge and understanding of essential notions and principles governing the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), legal rules comprising the carrying out and publishing the research results and making use of the others' research results, public information; he/she is able to critically assess the usefulness of the results to simple geological task solving; P1A_W10, P1A_W11
04-GEI-S1_W13 has knowledge of industrial safety rules, especially during the field and laboratory works; P1A_W09
04-GEI-S1_W14 has general knowledge of selected scientific methods and the problems typical of the discipline not connected with his/her course of the studies A1_W03, A1_W11, A_W20, H1A_W01, P1A_W01, S1A_W01, T1A_W07, X1A_W01
04-GEI-S1_U01 is able to use elementary notions within the scope of geology, geochemistry, hydrology, geophysics, soil mechanics, mining, drilling, exploitation techniques; he/she has understanding of those notions and is able to explain them; P1A_U08, P1A_U11
04-GEI-S1_U02 is able to plan basic research, objects, systems or processes applied in geology and to choose appropriate methods, tools and technical and technological parameters; InzA_U08, P1A_U01, P1A_U04, P1A_U05, P1A_U08
04-GEI-S1_U03 is able to field work on his/her own, provide documentation for his/her geological field work results, infer elementary conclusions and illustrate them graphically; he/she is able to plan and carry out experimental research, interpret the results obtained and draw conclusions; InzA_U01, P1A_U01, P1A_U06, P1A_U07
04-GEI-S1_U04 has an ability of reading and interpreting the geological photos, e.g. aerial, satellite ones; he/she is able to use information covered in different cartographical compilations; he/she is able to use the analytical, simulation and experimental methods to formulate and solve engineering tasks; InzA_U02, P1A_U01, P1A_U03
04-GEI-S1_U05 uses elementary statistical methods and information techniques to describe and analyse geological data; InzA_U02, P1A_U05
04-GEI-S1_U06 is able to carry out an initial economic analysis of the geological and engineering activities undertaken, determine man's influence on environment and make a rational use of its geocomponents; InzA_U04, P1A_U07
04-GEI-S1_U07 is able to prepare a written synthesis of a problem of a selected geological section, edit scientific texts using fact-based argumentation, correct citing, illustrating, documenting, presenting the arguments supporting a thesis under discussion or opposing it, when making use of available information sources, including the electronic ones; he/she has an ability of competent presentation of the established results; InzA_U06, P1A_U02, P1A_U03, P1A_U07, P1A_U08, P1A_U09, P1A_U10
04-GEI-S1_U08 verifies both the credibility of applied technical solutions, his/her own research and others' research results based on his/her consciousness of research methods limitations, unreliability of research results and geological structure understanding; InzA_U05, InzA_U07, P1A_U05, P1A_U07
04-GEI-S1_U09 has an elementary ability of anthropogenic environmental hazards assessment; he/she perceives their engineering, system and out-of-technique aspects and counteracts those hazards; InzA_U03, P1A_U03, P1A_U07
04-GEI-S1_U10 has an understanding of specialist literature in a native and a foreign language and communicating on a basic level; P1A_U02, P1A_U08, P1A_U12
04-GEI-S1_U11 demonstrates self-reliance in learning process;
04-GEI-S1_U12 has an ability of posing and analysing the problems based on the contents acquired within the scope of a discipline not connected with the course of his/her studies A1_U01, A1_U14, A_U26, H1A_U01, P1A_U01, S1A_U07, T1A_U09, X1A_U01
04-GEI-S1_K01 is conscious of his/her knowledge and skills limitations and tries to eliminate them by cautious and critical usage of specialist literature and available information sources, both in a native and a foreign language; P1A_K01, P1A_K05, P1A_K07
04-GEI-S1_K02 is able to formulate questions, aimed at deepening his/her own understanding of a subject given or complementing the missing elements of his/her reasoning; he/she has a knowledge of who direct them to and where search for the answers; is able to think and act in an enterprising way; InzA_K02, P1A_K03, P1A_K08
04-GEI-S1_K03 perceives the relations between man's activities, environmental condition and quality of life; he/she is sensitive to beauty of the surrounding world and recognizes it as a value; he/she demonstrates an ability of critical analysis of the man's environmental activities; InzA_K01, P1A_K04
04-GEI-S1_K04 is able to work in group, both as a leader and as an executor; he/she has an understanding of the necessity of systematic project work which effects will be evident even for future generations; P1A_K02, P1A_K08
04-GEI-S1_K05 acts in compliance with the principles of ecological ethics; he/she is conscious of the existing legal norms in geology and obeys them; P1A_K04, P1A_K06
04-GEI-S1_K06 is able to formulate opinions on fundamental geological and natural issues and support them; P1A_K03, P1A_K04
04-GEI-S1_K07 is conscious of his/her responsibility for a professional equipment entrusted to him/her and for his/her own work; he/she respects his/her own and others' work and acts according to industrial safety rules; P1A_K06
04-GEI-S1_K08 has an understanding of the necessity of interdisciplinary approach to problem solving, integrating the knowledge of different disciplines and practising his/her self-learning aimed at deepening his/her knowledge achieved so far A1_K01, A_K01, H1A_K01, P1A_K01, S1A_K01, T1A_K01, X1A_K01

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