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Specialization Elementary French with Translation Studies and French for Specific Purposes
General description of the specialization SPECIALIZATION CHARACTERISTICS Studies in the specialization Elementary French with Translation Studies and French for Specific Purposes are addressed to those who associate their professional career with the practical use of French language, e.g. in translation offices, diplomatic missions, cultural and research institutions, publishing houses, companies cooperating with foreign partners, tourism, etc. Apart from practical knowledge of French and a second foreign language, the curriculum also incorporates such subjects as the history of literature and civilization of France and Franco-Swiss countries, new technologies in the professional environment and a block of translation modules. The key assumption of the curriculum is intensive French language learning from the basics and also training in specialist languages and specialized translation. The selection of subjects allows students to become proficient speakers of French and to be fluent in the second language, both in terms of everyday and specialized usage. The students also gain thorough knowledge of the functioning of the French language system and about the culture and literature of France and the countries of the French language area. Additionally, the students have an opportunity to broaden their general academic knowledge and to learn how to use the most important translation techniques and new technologies in the work on written and spoken texts. CAREER PROSPECTS: • work in translation offices; • work in Polish companies cooperating with foreign partners; • work in foreign companies and their representatives in Poland; • work in institutions and organizations providing tourist services; • work in cultural and research institutions; • work in diplomatic missions; • work in the mass media (radio, press, Internet, TV); • work in foreign language publishing houses.
Graduation requirements The student receives a bachelor's degree in the field of specialty: Elementary French with Translation Studies and French for Specific Purposes when he or she: 1. achieves all effects of learning assumed by the education program; 2. passes courses (2280 worth at least 180 ECTS points in total), including: • all basic subjects of a given specialization, • all course subjects for a given specialization •Internship 3. writes a bachelor's thesis, 4. passes the diploma exam with a positive result.
Internships (hours and conditions) Praktyki
Professional qualifications none
Number of ECTS credits required to achieve the qualification equivalent to the level of study 180
Percentage of the ECTS credits for each of the scientific or artistic disciplines to which the learning outcomes are related to the total number of ECTS credits
  • linguistics (humanities): 55%
  • literary studies (humanities): 45%

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