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General description of the programme A characteristic feature of the degree course in Romance Philology is a close link with solid theoretical knowledge of modern applications. After completing this course, graduates not only have the knowledge and skills in the two languages, but they are also efficient translators and interpreters and authors of effective creative solutions in unconventional situations that require an interdisciplinary perspective.
Connection between the field of study and university development strategy, including the university mission The degree course in Romance Philology performs the following tasks directly resulting from the strategy of the University of Silesia: - Diversification of forms of study, - Enrichment of teaching on original and innovative programs of study, - Taking into account national and international mobility programs of study, - Development of modern information technology and computer - Possibility to acquire high qualifications within particular fields of study that prepare graduates to work and perform public roles.
Organization of the process of obtaining a degree Regulamin dyplomowania Procedura dyplomowania określona jest przez Zarządzenie nr 16 Rektora Uniwersytetu Śląskiego w Katowicach z dnia 28 stycznia 2015 r. w sprawie wprowadzenia procedury składania i archiwizowania pisemnych prac dyplomowych, z późniejszymi zmianami

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